Metal Fabrication and Machining Services

Intermountain Fabrication is locally owned and operated, IMF was founded in 1996 to fabricate substation structures and components for a trolley assist system. An existing facility in Jerome was purchased and equipped to provide complete fabrication and machine shop services.

In 2001, Intermountain Fabrication moved into a larger shop to accommodate their expanding capabilities.

Beginning with the initial need for trolley components, Intermountain Fabrication has developed into a diverse full service shop. We can provide licensed and bonded field service throughout the Western United States and Alaska.

In order to produce your part or machinery to print or custom specifications IMF offers precision CNC machining by qualified machinists, using the latest in CAD technology. IMF has many and diverse capabilities to support your manufacturing needs with a customer list of more than 400 strong. We have manufactured for the aircraft, electronic, industrial and agricultural industries to name just a few. This allows us to remain stable and not tie ourselves to any one industries ups and downs this gives IMF the diversity to support our customer's needs. IMF is capable of offering excellent turn time on your machining, tooling, and manufacturing requirements, we have the capacity for long term commitments.

Intermountain Fabrication has engaged in the production of a wide variety of parts, services, giving us an understanding of an ever changing landscape and playing field. We continue to change with the needs of our customers; our strategy has always been to supply our work force with the best possible environment, safety equipment, and effective manufacturing procedures. This reinforces our commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction.

We understand that every company has unique needs; we look forward to discussing your hardest processing challenges and how we can assist you in meeting them.

Our experienced machinists will work directly with you to ensure that your machining requirements and specifications are appropriate for your job. Our high rate of success and "doing it right the first time," translates into significant savings over the long haul, giving you the results you need on time and with no surprises. We will guarantee that the part we produce meets your requirements from aluminum, stainless steel and several other exotic metals.

Manufacture for the following Industries:

  • Aircraft
  • Electronic
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Dairy
  • Excavation
  • Motor Sports
  • Construction
  • Cordage
  • Department Of Transportation
  • Food Processing
  • Trucking
  • Public Works
  • Land Management
  • HVAC
  • Packaging
  • Mining
  • Power Transmissions Towers